Client Case Study: Where could you be in 12-24 month’s time?

Sometimes it’s easy to put off making decisions, particularly with Super, that’s a problem for another 1, 2 or 5 years time. Though I’d like to share a story with you about a client of ours, Craig from Queensland, who made a decision that changed his financial future significantly within just 24 months.


Two years ago, in October, 2021, Craig took the decisive step towards securing his future. He settled on an investment property for $499,900. He immediately found a tenant, renting the property for $600 per week, and has maintained the same tenant ever since.


Fast forward 12 months, and Craig’s property was valued at an impressive $690,000. But that’s not all. Now, 24 months since his initial purchase, the property’s value has risen to $715,000. That’s a staggering capital growth of 43% in just two years!


Moreover, Craig’s investment continues to yield excellent returns. With a rental income that translates to a 6.2% ongoing yield, his decision to invest in property has proven to be not only wise but also highly profitable for his retirement plan.


This story is testament to the potential of property investment using your Super. Craig’s journey from retail super, to taking control of his future, to achieving substantial growth in his investment in such a short time is just one example of what our 100’s of client’s have achieved with us over the years.


Where would you be if you started 12 months ago?

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