About Certainty Wealth

Certainty Wealth was born out of the Hallmark Group of Companies, which were founded by me, in partnership with my dad, in 2010.

Our roots are in finance and property. As a company we were very good at getting our clients in debt for the things they wanted to invest in or purchase to improve their lifestyle.

It was the questions our clients weren’t asking that sowed the seeds for what is today known as Certainty Wealth:
How do I pay this loan off sooner?
How can I retire sooner?
How do I build financial freedom?

Certainty Wealth answers these and other questions for our customers every week. We put easy to understand and easy to execute strategies in place for our clients to solve these problems. We then offer ongoing support to ensure our clients are maximising their outcomes. These strategies invariably revolve around property ownership, Australia’s most tax effective way to invest. It’s no coincidence that 25% of BRW’s Rich List count property as their sole source of wealth.

I’m proud to have built a team who share my mission – to share our wisdom and experience with others – and proud to have built a business that sees our customers constantly returning to build their wealth to the level that they want to retire comfortably. Customers who are taking ownership of their future and turning their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

I’d love to have the opportunity for my team to show how your family can have extraordinary financial wealth as well.

Damien Gwynne
Founder, Certainty Wealth